Compositional security certification for medium- to high-assurance COTS-based systems in environments with emerging threats




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The project certMILS aims to protect critical infrastructure against cyber-attacks by compositional security certification and delivers a certified MILS platform, for the first time in Europe. 

certMILS addresses the following eight objectives:

  • OBJ11. Transfer know-how in compositional safety certification to security certification
  • OBJ22. Make certification of composed systems affordable
  • OBJ33. Preservation of certified assurance throughout operational deployment
  • OBJ44. Involvement of all stakeholders in different industry domains
  • OBJ55. Certified European MILS platform
  • OBJ66. Develop and apply compositional certification methodology on three industrial pilots
  • OBJ77. MILS Platform Protection Profile
  • OBJ88. Guidelines and templates for MILS certification


certMILS can achieve major impact because technology-wise the consortium operates at a high TRL level close to security market, uses proven security-by-design (MILS) technology, and uses system design approach which is tightly coupled with security evaluation and security certification. This allows certMILS to develop technology prototypes early enough for later security evaluation and certification. certMILS reuses compositional certification results across national borders, strengthening the Single Digital Market. Moreover this project counters US dominance in the operating system security markets by making available a certified European MILS platform and demonstrating it on the pilots.




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