December 2018

ICT 2018
4th - 6th December 2018, Vienna, Austria
TEC will participate in the ICT 2018 which will be organized by the European Commission in Vienna. It is the key European ICT research and innovation event and a unique gathering of the entire community.

October 2018

ICCC 2018
30th October 2018, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Partners E&E and ATSEC plan to participate in this conference. Collaborative results from the certMILS project ( ) on “A Compositional Certification Methodology for a COTS-based system” will be presented by Alvaro Ortega (Epoche and Espri) and Sergey Tverdyshev (SYSGO) at the International Common Criteria Conference. In this talk participants will learn on how to proceed with security certification when designing a system consisting of multiple COTS components in a compositional way.

June 2018

4th International Workshop on MILS: Architecture and Assurance for Secure Systems co-located with DSN 2018
25th June 2018, Luxembourg
The main objectives of this workshop will be the complexity, mission-criticality, and connectivity of the modern systems bring system trustworthiness to the front page. The "MILS Workshop" focuses on bringing industry and research stakeholders together to advance methods, tools, approaches, and use-cases on creating compositional assurance and trustworthiness for safety, security, and connected systems of mixed-criticality.

SIES -13th International Symposium on Indutrial Embedded System
06th - 08th June 2018, Graz, Austria
Partner UROS plans to participate in this conference.

May 2018

1. IEEE Industrial Cyber-physical systems conference
15th - 18th May 2018, Russia/Saint Petersburg

April 2018

1st Cybersecurity and privacy Concertation meeting
26th April 2018, Brussels/Belgium
The Coordinator TECHNIKON participated the event.

Common Criteria Users Forum Meeting
24th - 26th April 2018, Trondheim/Norway
certMILS will host a session on Separation Kernels to discuss the Essential Security Requirements (ESR). The Common Criteria Users Forum includes vendors, testing laboratories, national schemes, policy makers, and other interested parties. As a preparatory step towards a protection profile for separation kernels and similar systems, the certMILS project prepared an Essential Security Requirements (ESR) document. To discuss the ESR, as well as the topic of separation kernel protection profiles in general, certMILS will host a session on Separation Kernels on the at the Common Criteria User's Forum in Trondheim/Norway. If you wish to attend or you are interested in the topic, e.g. you wish to obtain a copy of the ESR once it is available, you're welcome to contact Sergey Tverdyshev (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

March 2018

3rd Annual Rail Cyber Security Summit
14th March 2018, London/UK
SYSGO, Sergey Tverdyshev will give a certMILS presentation, including the subway and railway use cases at the 3rd Annual Rail Cyber Security Summit. Sergey will also participate in the Keynote Opening Panel: Assessing Cyber Maturity and Leadership across the Rail Sector.


1st UIC Global Conference on Signalling—The Evolution of ERTMS
26th - 28th March 2018, Milan/Italy
Reinhard Hametner, THALES Austria GmbH, gave a presentation about “Fusing Safety and Security on a Solid Foundation for ERTMS – A Platform Approach” at the 1st UIC Global Conference.

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November 2017

CyberSecurity 2017
14th November 2017, Prague/Czech
EZU introduced certMILS security-by design certification approach to security experts during CyberSecurity 2017 conference and distributed some leaflets.

October 2017

CEN-CENELEC workshop Railways of the future
25th October 2017, Brussels/Belgium
Partner UCO has participated in this workshop.

IDC Internet of Things Conference (IDC IoT Forum 2017)
19th October 2017, Prague/Czech
EZU introduced certMILS project and its goals to industry sectors focused on IoT during IDC IoT Forum and distributed some leaflets.

March 2017

IEEE 18. International Conference on Industrial Technology
25th March 2017, Toronto/Canada
University of Rostock presents a paper "Evaluation of a Formalized Encryption Library for Safety-Critical Embedded Systems" and introduced certMILS to the audience.

AMPER 2017
20th - 23th March 2017, March 2017, Brno/Czech
Partner EZU has participated in AMPER 2017, which is an international fair of electronics, automation, communication, lighting and security. We distributed around 25 leaflets during the occasion.

3rd International Workshop on MILS: Architecture and Assurance for Secure Systems
14th of March 2017, Nuremberg/Germany

2017 Safety meets Security Conference
9th March 2017, Stuttgart/Germany
Michael Paulitsch from Thales, Austria gave an invited talk about "Safety and Security in Ground Transportation Systems"