Q-media, one of three certMILS partners from the Czech Republic, hosted this meeting at their offices in Prague. The overall goal of the meeting was to look back at the successful implementation of the pilots and to define the necessary steps for the certification by national or private authorities.

The first meeting day was fully dedicated to the railway and the subway pilot of partner Thales Austria and Q-media respectively. Sandro Rauscher from Thales showed the railway demonstrator which uses the MILS architecture. The certification of this demonstrator is ongoing. After this demo, Q-media explained the current status of their subway pilot, which is used by the Prague Transport Company DPP to – among other things – transfer data to their traingraph application. This presentation was followed by an on-site visit of one of Prague’s metro depots. There, Jiri Cejka – certMILS Advisory Board member working for DPP – gave an insight into the real-life application fields of the certMILS subway pilot.

The second day in Prague started off with some administrative topics concerning upcoming (review) meetings in the last project year (which is 2020) and with a report of past and future dissemination and especially standardization activities of the consortium. Partner ATSEC held a presentation on the certification of the MILS platform, while Benito Caracuel (Scheider) and Alvaro Ortega (former Epoche & Espri, now DEKRA Spain) talked about the smart grid demonstrator and the certification process related to it.

The consortium is ready to enter the final project year, which will be fully dedicated to the evaluation and, finally, the certification of the three pilots.