On 3rd to 4th of July 2017, Thales Austria GmbH hosted the certMILS technical meeting in Vienna, Austria. There have been a lot of technical discussions ranging from an overview of the architectures, standard compliance plan for the demonstrators, assurance methods to security target and compositional certification. Furthermore, there have been discussions on the deliverable D1.1 “Regulative Baseline”, which is a report that summarises the schemes for certification with special respect to the MILS platform and the pilots in the different EU member states where partners have good access to their own certification authorities, and outlines regulatory options, where these exist. The main goal of this meeting was to keep the consortium updated about the ongoing activities of each partner and to foster the collaboration within different research teams. Moreover, we focused on our way forward and planned the tasks for the upcoming months properly, which will result in conscientiously elaborated deliverables.